Planning your wedding will be so fun and easy, right? So who needs a wedding planner?

Wedding Coordinators are usually considered luxury services, but are in fact as much of necessity for a successful wedding as a professional DJ, florist or baker. Yes, you could hook your portable music player up to the sound system and have your cousin push the buttons. Yes, you can go to the wholesale district, buy a truckload of flowers and arrange them yourself the day before your wedding. And yes, Aunt Mina can bake her strawberry cream cake and swirl little rosettes all over it. So why not also have your recently married sister (who is 7 months pregnant) coordinate it, since her wedding went so beautifully? Because that’s not the kind of service you need on your one-day to shine. A product is product, but professional service is what makes the difference.

Walking you through the process of planning of your day, addressing every detail and ensuring the least amount of friend-, family and hair-loss possible is what Prestige Planning do best. We allow for all of your love ones to celebrate with you, not working for you, on your wedding day by providing you with a team of quality professionals to carry out the flawless execution of your plans. Prestige Planning can be there from the beginning to answer any questions you may have, and stay with you until the last light goes out and hall is empty. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work so your wedding doesn’t end up as a case study in “ What Not to Do”. Our job is to make sure every element of your wedding day- the most important day of your life- goes, as you like. If you don’t remember anything going wrong, then we’ve done our job just right.

So rather than trying to do it all yourself or stressing your family and friends, make sure you budget for consultant. Your peace of mind is worth every penny. Plus you won’t have that little worry wrinkle in the middle of your forehead in all your pictures…K

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